The reception / waiting room

Our short waiting time makes sure we can take care of your animal almost immediately.

At arrival, you will sign in at the receptiondesk where our knowledgeble staff can answer most of your questions. We can take care of your insurance claim for you.



Your visit always starts with a thorough examination.

When the vet is ready he/she will call you in for an examination of your pet. After the examination the vet and you will discuss which test or other treatments we might have to do in order to get a diagnosis, for example bloodtest, x-ray, ultrasound or operation.



We help your pet with basic prophylaxis in order to maintain its good health.

• Vaccinations
• Cutting claws
• Removing of tartar (PTR)
• Certificate for passport (deworming)
• Tick repellant and removal of ticks
• Issuing a passport
• ID-marking
• Dietary advice for example in relation to neutering.



Veterinaians on call around the clock for pregnant dogs and cats.

Our veterinarian Piotr is a reproduction specialist and can help you with everything from planning the litter until they are old enough to move away.

We can provide:
• Medical advice when you are planning a pregnancy.
• Tests to determine which day your dog is at its most fertile stage:
– Vaginal cytology and vaginoscopy.
– Progesterone blood test, in house with professional equipment (no quick test) which gives reliable results within a few hours.
• Herpes vaccination (only for dogs).
• Ultrasound 28-30 days after mating:
– Determine if pregnant.
– Biometrical measurements of fetus.
– Counting the fetuses.
– Calculating day of birth (+/- 24 hours).
• Phone support during delivery.
• Birthing help – Veterinaians on call around the clock for pregnant dogs and cats.
• Cesarean section.
• Help after birth for both mother and children.
• Package deal for vaccination, chip and health certificate.

Dental care


Strong and healthy teeth are important for your pets well being, the dental health affects the entire body.

Dog and cats can have toothache without showing it. Bad breath can be a sign of injured teeth or an infection. If you notice that your dog or cat seems to be bothered by pain in the mouth och has a bad breath come visit us. We will do the thorough examination necessary to discover problems like peridontitis, injured teeth, tartar or caries.
It is important that you take care of your animal’s dental health and teeth. We can help you with preventive dental care.

We can also give you advice on how to help your animal to a better dental health.



We always do a thorough examination of your dog or cat before we decide that an x-ray is necessary to make an exact diagnose.

X-ray is a very helpful tool when making diagnoses and is an excellent complement to the ultrasound. With the x-ray we can examine the organs in the thorax and  abdomen for example lung, liver, kidney, intestine and urinary bladder. By taking x-ray pictures of the sceleton we can discover fractures and problems with the joints.



With help from the ultrasound we can make a thourogh examination of the organs like liver,  kidneys, intentines and uterus.

Ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool used more and more within veterinary medicine. It is a good compliment to x-ray but the ultrasound in it self also a valuable method for thourough examinations. Here at AlfaVeta we have the latest equipment and well educated staff to preform the ultrasound.

The ulrasound can examine:
• Kidneys and urinary tracts
• Liver
• Testicles och prostate
• Uterus and ovaries
• Pancreas

Our veterinarian Piotr is the one who makes the ultrasound examinations and he has several years of experience and has made thousands of examinations. The clinic offers a pregnancy check with ultrasound where you not only will find out whether your dog or cat is pregnant but also when the expected due date is (+/- 24 hours) and how many puppies or kittens there is. We use biometruical measurements of the fetuses in order to find out when the delivery date is. For the best result we recommend that the ultrasound is done 28-30 days after the last mating occurred.




 In our laboratory we can analyse most of the tests we preform.

The clinic has its own laboratory where we each day analyze a large number of tests. We can analyse blood, urine and cytological samples. We can also analyse some hormonal samples like progesterone and take microbiological cultures from skin, ears, urine etc. in order to find the best antibiotic. we can provide most results within the day. Other samples like tissue and allergen samples get analysed at a specialized laboratory.



Our veterinarians can preform most surgical procedures and now we can also offer laser surgery.

In our modern operation room we preform many surgical procedures like:

  • Castration
  • Surgery for hernia
  • Surgery for Cherry eye
  • Removal of kidney stones
  • Mastectomy
  • Ceasarian section
  • Bone fractures

We can now offer laser surgery.

With laser surgery we can make incisions with great precision. We use laser surgery to remove neoplasms and at neutering. The benefits of using laser are many, quicker healing, less swelling, less pain and less bleeding during and after the surgery.

With laser surgery we can also widen the nostrils on cats and dogs. Watch a movie of the procedure here.

Laser treatment


New: Medical Laser Therapy for Animals.

Veterinary laser therapy is used for a large variety of conditions. It has no known side effects and does not interfere with any medical treatments. Laser helps relieve pain through the release of endorphins and it stimulates injured cells to heal at an accelerated pace. The treatment is relaxing and does not hurt.

Laser therapy has an anti-inflammatory effect and increases circulation in the tissue which boosts the healing process on a cellular level. The convalescence time can be shortened up to half with laser therapy.

Laserbehandling rekommenderas bl.a. vid: smärtlindring, både vid akut och kronisk smärta, sårläkning, vid ödem och svullnader, vid led- sen och muskelproblem, vid fraktur och belastningsskador, vid inflammationer och slemhinneproblem.



In  connection to the operating room  got a l operationssalen finns en vårdavdelning där våra patienter får vård och behandling under dagen, t ex dropp.

Generellt har vi inga djur som stannar över natten. Vården bygger istället på att djuren, då de behöver behandling får denna under dagen, men tillbringar natten hemma hos husse och matte i lugn och ro. Vi upplever att de flesta djur faktisk tillfrisknar fortare på detta sätt, då de både kan vila bättre och kommer igång att äta fortare om de har kontakt med sin hemmiljö. I sällsynta fall stannar vi på kliniken över natten med de djur som behöver dygnet-runt-vård.



I vår shop hittar du förstklassigt friskfoder och olika medicinska kvalitetsfoder från Purina Proplan, Royal Canin och Virbac.

Vi hjälper dig gärna med kostrådgivning och hitta det lämpligaste fodret för just din hund eller katt.

Vi säljer också fodertillskott och djurvårdsprodukter som schampo och andra hund- och kattartiklar.
Vi har även tuggsaker och godis för lite festligare stunder.

Välkommen till vår prisvänliga VIP-shop för våra små patienter, som har samma öppettider som veterinärkliniken.

Grooming - Hundfrisör. Martyna Anna Kaczmarczyk


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